“Attention seeking” on social media

I often see people on social media (Facebook, Twitter etc) complain about “attention seekers” or say that “there are certain types of things that people should not post online”.
There are certain things that I do not feel comfortable posting online, however 4 years ago I did not feel at all comfortable with posting about my mental health online and nowadays I’m completely open about it and campaign publicly to raise awareness! But telling someone that they should not post about certain issues is not something I agree with.

(TW – brief mention of rape/sexual assault)

There are certain issues, such as rape and sexual assault for example, which people seem to be hell bent on censoring. I have seen people get attacked online for posting about their experience, be called attention seeking, you name it. In keeping this mentality people are essentially being silenced and isolated. It’s telling people that certain things should not be spoken about (which they should!!) and reinforcing the belief that it’s a secret and should be kept that way. Not too great if you’re looking for help and support. It’s completely invalidating and potentially quite damaging.

I don’t know. I hope that made sense. I think that people should feel okay to talk about anything they wish without fear of people jumping on them. It is no ones place to do so.


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